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  • HMD LOGISTICS_FBA head path

    FBA head path

    Provide the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions of the Amazon FBA head path service, a perfect network of overseas agents and professional services operations FBA advantages

  • HMD LOGISTICS_International Express

    International Express

    Agent DHL, UPS, Fedex, EMS and other International Express services, one-stop service platform, providing customers with professional solutions for cross-border delivery

  • HMD LOGISTICS_Air Transport业务

    Air Transport

    The major mainstream air package board service, can reach more than 900 airports in the world, deployed air service; advantages route: Europe and America Line, in the East, Southeast Asia routes.

  • HMD LOGISTICS Ocean shipping

    Ocean shipping

    HMD LOGISTICS Ocean shipping service including the entire cabinet (FCL) import and export transportation, bulk fight counter (LCL) import and export transportation.


  • FBA head path
  • FBA Clearance
  • FBA Returns
  • FBA Tax package
  • FBA value-added services


  • Air FBA (Airlift) air schedule per hundred classes per week or more, Monday through Saturday, 12:00 off the next one, the same day 18:00 off receipt.
  • Ocean FBA (ocean shipping) the timetable for the two classes per week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 18:00 cut single cut loading cargo, carried out after inspection
  • Express Line and FBA process (express)
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Shen Zhen HMD Logistics Co.,Ltd can provide almost all the Amazon FBA warehouse-to-door service throughout the United States for Europe, Japan and Canada in the FBA warehouse, we provide exclusive development route to the Amazon seller, there are economical and convenient-type service for customers. FCL, LCL are our strengths, and customize their own personalized service based on customer needs, dedicated customer person to follow up, to deal with, will not be mixed boxes, to ensure clearance rate. Further trailers our cooperation specified in Amazon, to ensure the most cost-effective delivery of services. We provide shipping, air transport, express direct FBA warehouse.


  • Amazon FBA warehouse shipping clearance delivery, customers do not need to register a company in the importing country
  • Owned import and export rights, for customers Acting export, import
  • China, the United States, the United Kingdom, a senior member of the declaration
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Shen Zhen HMD Logistics Co.,Ltd provides distinctive customs, customs clearance, customs clearance agent services, if your FBA goods in the importing country are detained in customs, in addition to withholding customs reason for product self-generated, we can help you deal with customs clearance, in order to avoid the goods be returned China produces high back pieces fees.



  • Amazon sellers are generally immune to avoid for various reasons, the account is closed, can not be added to our products, customer returns, this is the problem every electricity supplier may encounter. Hang Metroplex logistics in the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and the United Kingdom, Germany can provide acceptable returns, for standard treatment, repackaging and shipping Amazon service that lets you regain the value of the product again, to avoid the loss of goods.
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Shen Zhen HMD Logistics Co.,Ltd provides repackaged in the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, for standard, secondary sales and transport services. Our overseas warehouse staff familiar with the product features and Amazon return policy.
You can change the fast processing after receiving the return label, packaging, transport. With constant Mita overseas logistics warehouse, all of your items can get maximum use and sale, and you no longer have to pay money wasted white to the Amazon, you originally did not intend to withdraw the money, are now back.

FBA value-added services

FBA value-added services

  • FBA product testing is inconvenient for customers to inspect products supplier, we will look for the product or product packaging and other basic inspection services;
  • FBA package labeling can provide packaging, printing labels, the label affixed to the product and services;
  • Short-term warehousing services overseas short-term warehouse storage service provider customers to the electricity
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Hang Mida Logistics has many years of extensive international experience in logistics and service network, to provide you with China to the United States from the Amazon warehouse head ride transportation services. Full tracking, aging stability, covering a wide area. Professional operation services team customized according to customer demand for personalized logistics solutions, air, sea, courier, logistics and other green options for customers. FCL, LCL-one follow-up action by the client Commissioner, will not mix boxes, ensure the accuracy of the goods. We also cooperate mature trailers line, providing cost-effective delivery of services.

Cross-border electricity supplier strategic partnership

select HMD LOGISTICS reason! FBA Amazon designated logistics providers

01Customer Care
02High clearance rate!
  • Global 150 good agent, stable cooperation, six years domestic / foreign clearance capacity of up to 99%
  • Professional customs team, the formal clearance of imports
03Safe and efficient
  • Process convenient, one-stop door to door service, the company integrated
  • A plurality of fast sea and air logistics companies, stable cooperation to guarantee safe and efficient delivery of goods
  • One-time charges, no half-way charge any fee, payment of customs duties, lost cargo, cargo damage
  • Quickly make claims, clearance delays aging, reduction of all shipping costs
05Improve the service system
  • Real-time tracking of goods, delivery process across the board system to be investigated, to ensure cargo security guarantee to pay compensations lost pieces safely transporting goods from China to Amazon warehouses
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Europe FBA Logistics

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HMD logistics advantage

    Better Service

    Better Service

    VAT application, FBA head path, returns processing, specifically 1-on-1 Chinese customer service industry, real-time response guarantee Quality of service.

    More cost-effective

    More cost-effective

    Professional logistics consultants provide personalized cross-border logistics solution.

    Aging is more stable

    Aging is more stable

    Only with DHL, UPS, Fedex and other mainstream courier Logistics cooperation to ensure aging stability.

    Goods safer

    Goods safer

    Set free collection of goods, free storage, free packing material. Free packaging reinforcement, stronger, safer and more convenient customs clearance ability.



Shen Zhen HMD Logistics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013, the company aims to provide for the European Union, North America, Japan and Australia, logistics and distribution services for multinational e-commerce operators. Poly win all Amazon FBA main door transport (including ocean air), courier and FBA FBA related services, the past few years continue to provide portable logistics solutions for e-commerce operators, with professional international logistics experience. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, the United States and Canada, Britain, France, Japan and Australia and other places have high-clearance companies and agents.

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    Country-specific ones zone set up a logistics industry first professional logistics management company
    Recently, the country-specific ones mall management committee, shandong embellish acquisitive organizing logistics management service co., LTD was formally established and held the first working meeting.This is the province's first professional logistics management services company, and even the whole country to the city logistics industry to provide a safe and efficient logistics services, created the logistics management.

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    Senior management training in August 2015
    On August 8, 2015 to 9, in order to further improve and standardize the company's management and operation process, to provide better logistics service experience, the company with the time arranged by the Chinese education center hand in hand with "establishment and execution of enterprise standardization system" as the theme of the senior management training in dongguan humen giants hotel fifth floor conference room.